With Home Master Warranty, basic warranty service coverage can be incredibly affordable, especially when combined our exclusive coupon code. Our Appliance Coverage Plan offers uncompromising protection on a litany of different household equipment. Refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes washers, dryers, ranges, and built-in microwaves are all secured under the Appliance Coverage Plan, which goes to show that even our most basic plan still offers plenty of security under its umbrella.

For just $29.84 per month, ensure that unexpected breaks to appliances pose no financial threats to some of your home’s most valuable equipment. That’s less than a dollar per day to keep your appliances from costing you hard-earned money, if they should cease to function properly due to unforeseen breaks. To gain access to this unparalleled blend of protection and affordability, simply fill out this form and receive a free quote instantly! Next, select the Appliance Coverage Plan, $125.00 deductible, and enter your exclusive coupon code “pennies” to bring the monthly total under $30 a month.

Simple, affordable, and wide-ranging, the Home Master Warranty Appliance Coverage Plan is made even more economical using our exclusive coupon code that will reduce your monthly total even further, making your monthly aggregate not exceed a dollar per day. For even more types of individualized protection, you might consider going for our Premium Coverage Plan, which includes everything that the Appliance Coverage Plan does while adding on coverage for heating systems, air conditioning systems, ductwork, plumbing, electrical, water heaters, garage door openers, built-in trash compactors, and garbage disposals. While this plan will exceed a dollar per month, it’s important to note the extensive level of warranty service that you will receive as a result.

With Home Master Warranty, ensure that your home’s most valuable assets are safe and sound when disaster strikes. Call us today at 800-957-3034, or visit our Contact webpage to get more information on the best plan for you.