Computer repair is something that is usually not a cheap endeavor, and it can seem to be necessary at some of the most inopportune times. However, thanks to Home Master Warranty’s unique Smart Home Plan, never fear for the safety of your computer or any other valuable electronic devices ever again.

The Smart Home Protection Plan

The Smart Home Protection Plan covers electronics against everything from power surges to handling errors. Screen cracks, internal damage, and keyboard issues can all arise from mishandling laptops, making the Smart Home Protection Plan a good option to consider when filling out your house with new or used electronics.

Screen Damage

Screen damage is primarily a threat to laptops or other types of portable electronic devices, due to the nature of their easy movability. Glass screens can be among the most susceptible types of screens to cracking, and even the smallest fracture can cause the entire screen to need to be replaced. As one of the most common damages to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, screen shattering can cause a whole host of new issues. This may negatively affect the technology’s touchscreen capabilities, if it has them, and can make reading text and viewing media challenging.

Hardware Damage

While cosmetic damage to your computer can be concerning in and of itself, hardware damage to your machine can be much more catastrophic. Internal damage to a computer chip can end up disrupting valuable data storage, and also the functionality of the machine as a whole. These types of repairs tend to be more expensive because their repairs tend to be much more technical than a simple screen replacement. However, both screen cracking and hard drive destruction are two potential issues with electronics that can be diminished with a Smart Home Protection Plan to keep your valuables covered.